Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I first learned of Ahmet Saral's work, from an article about
him, in the Sky Life Magazine. As a marbler myself, for
thirty three years and as a collector of marbling for almost
twenty five years, it is important to me that the examples
I seek for my collection, be work I consider to be not only
excellent craftsmanship, but also demonstrate artistic
sensibility, be unique, distinctive, and instantly
recognizable, as the work of the individual who created
it. The photographs of Mr. Saral's work seemed to meet
my criteria.

Therefore I initiated a correspondence with him, in order
to learn more about him, and to obtain examples of his
work. I discovered that he is a serious marbling artist.

He continues to use the same methods and the same
materials as the old Turkish Masters of the 16th and 17th
Century, while bringing to it his own creative vision. His
figurative marblings demonstrate great skill, control,
infinite patience, and are indeed uniquely his own.

I am proud to have his work in my collection, and hope
his work will gain ever expanding appreciation.

His marbled art is worthy of more attention.

Norma Rubovits
1996 , Chicago – USA

Norma Rubovits is one of the most important Artcollector
and Artist in the world.